Family Tree

I have spent many years researching my family tree. It contains information on both the Sandercock (paternal) and Rashleigh (maternal) sides. My research is stored using Leisterpro Reunion (which I have used for many years), and publish to the web using Humo-Gen (a free genealogy web site template). It enforces privacy on both data and images, controlled by a login. If you require access to the data beyond that which is publically available, please contact me using the link on the genealogy web pages.

I have over 2,900 individuals (the earlest being born in the late 1600's), and 900 families.


How far back

To date I have traced the Sandercock family back to before 1700, and the Rashleigh line to 1806. Both families trace back to Cornwall in the United Kingdom. Other family lines trace to many places throughout Europe, with the majority to various places in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

It is unlikely I will be able to go back any further, as few, if any, records exist for the family prior to these dates. Many of the records for the dates I have researched back to are inconsistent, and canot be verified as to which records are correct and accurate.

My research shows there were most likely only 4 Sandercock families that emigrated to Australia. 2 to South Australia (1 of which I am descended from), another to Victoria, and a fourth to Queensland.



I have used Leisterpro Reunion (only available for Mac) for storing and recording my family tree research for many year. The web site uses Humo-gen, a free php, mysql/Maria based hosting template which is heavily customisable.

Using the various 'pay for use' geneology web sites has proven to provide either inaccurate or already known information, so I tend not to use them.

Links to the tools I use are at the bottom of the page.


My ancestory and descendants