Colin Sandercock | September, 2017

Below are a few items that may be of interest about my life.

  • Born - Dalby, Qld
  • Until 8, lived on a grain farm near Jimbour, Qld
  • Until 17, lived on a dairy farm near Oakey, Qld
  • Moved to Brisbane, attended Qld Uni and started work
  • Moved to Sydney at 22, and have lived here since


I work in the IT industry, currently in the service management area. Over the years, I have worked for or consulted to many companies. Amongst the more well known are:

  • BHP
  • Westpac
  • IBM Asia Pacific
  • SOCOG (Sydney Organising Committee Olympic Games)
  • Hill and Knowlton
  • Multisoft Australia
  • Telstra
  • N.S.W. Dept of Education
As a part of my work, I have visited a number of cities. These include:
  • Adelaide
  • Singapore
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Boston
  • Melbourne
  • Hong Kong
  • Auckland
  • Wellington